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The Story of SamMustSwim

All five of us have day jobs in tech and other industries and we were united by our passion for music. We jammed in a studio near the Business Districts and self-produced our original content. We launched our first album on October 20, 2010 at Hard Rock Cafe Makati. 

What Inspires Us

Our collective experiences drive us to create music that we hope will also inspire others to create their own. We've always been fascinated with people and the stories that they tell, celebrating each moment of life from birth to the beyond.

Our Influences

We call our genre RockWave (the fusion of Rock and New Wave) as we all grew up in the 80s. Most of our songs tell the story of love, loss and getting up again. They bring you places and timelines that resonate through the best (and worse) times of your life.

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Do you have questions, want to book a show, or collaborate on a new piece? Reach out, and let's make music happen. 


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